GN Exports High-Efficiency Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner Indonesian Customers, Boosting Upgrades in Oil Drilling Operations

GN Solids ControlĀ  has shipped four sets of drilling fluid desander cleaners, desilter cleaners, and shale shakers for drilling rigs to Indonesian customers. This transaction not only demonstrates GN’s professional strength in the field of oil drilling equipment but also showcases its deep engagement in the international market and a high level of attention to customer needs.

Regarding the working principles of these cleaners, the desander and desilter cleaners primarily rely on centrifugal force and vortex effects to achieve solid-liquid separation. As the drilling fluid passes through the hydrocyclone, it generates a rotating motion, causing solid particles to deposit on the wall of the hydrocyclone due to centrifugal force, while the cleaner liquid flows inward and exits through an outlet. This process effectively removes sand and silt particles from the drilling fluid.

On the other hand, the shale shaker utilizes vibration to separate solid particles from the drilling fluid. As the shale shaker vibrates, the drilling fluid flows over the screen, and solid particles larger than the screen openings are retained on the screen while the smaller particles and liquid pass through. This process further cleanses the drilling fluid.

GN’s ability to supply these four sets of equipment to Indonesian customers reflects its rich experience and strong capabilities in the field of oil drilling equipment. Through cooperation with Indonesian customers, GN can further expand its share in the international market and make positive contributions to the development of the local oil drilling industry. The working principles of the cleaners ensure efficient and reliable solid-liquid separation, supporting smooth and efficient drilling operations.