GN Solids Control Successfully Delivers Six Sets of GNLW363D-FHD Fully Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuges to Asian Customers, Meeting High-Standard Demands with Exceptional Performance

GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of decanter centrifuges in the industry, has collaborated with a renowned Swiss hydraulic technology company to successfully develop and produce the GNLW363D-FHD fully hydraulic decanter centrifuge. This centrifuge has won widespread praise and trust from Asian customers due to its superior fully hydraulic drive system and outstanding performance in high-temperature environments.

Core Technology of the Fully Hydraulic Drive System

The fully hydraulic drive system of the GNLW363D-FHD centrifuge is its core component. It consists of high-efficiency hydraulic pumps, precision hydraulic motors, and innovative hydraulic differentials. The motor drives the hydraulic pumps to provide stable hydraulic power for the bowl and screw conveyor. Two independent working lines ensure precise control of the bowl and screw, and each line is equipped with an independent hydraulic pump and advanced control system to achieve precise speed and differential adjustment. In addition, the system is equipped with comprehensive safety valves and pressure gauges to ensure stable operation of the equipment under complex working conditions.

Product Features and Advantages

  • High-quality Materials: The bowl is made of duplex stainless steel centrifugal casting SS2304/SS2205, and the screw conveyor is made of stainless steel SS304/SS316, ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the equipment in harsh environments.
  • Wear-resistant Protection Technology: The screw blades and discharge ports are equipped with tungsten carbide hard alloy inserts and liners, significantly improving the wear resistance of the equipment and extending its service life.
  • Brand Collaboration and Certification: The bearings are from the internationally renowned brand SKF, and the hydraulic drive system utilizes the fully hydraulic drive technology of a renowned Swiss brand. Strict quality control and certification systems ensure the excellent quality and reliability of the equipment.
  • Intelligent Control System: Equipped with an advanced PLC intelligent control system, the equipment achieves automated operation and precise control, improving work efficiency.
  • Coating Standards and Anti-corrosion Treatment: The equipment is coated with Zhongyuan Guanxi epoxy zinc-rich paint, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance and aesthetics, enhancing the durability and service life of the equipment.

The successful delivery of six sets of GNLW363D-FHD fully hydraulic decanter centrifuges fully demonstrates GN Solids Control’s professional strength and innovation capabilities in the centrifuge field. GN Solids Control will continue to uphold the principle of “quality first, customer foremost” and provide more advanced and reliable centrifuge products and services to global customers.