GN Solids Control Systems Sold to Non-Excavation Clients in Asia

Two sets of GNMS-1500GPM Mud Cleaning System and one set of GNMS-200 Mud Recycling System were recently sold to clients in Asia for non-excavation purposes.

The GN Compact Solids Removal Unit (SRU) is specifically designed for solids control in drilling fluids, particularly for small mining rigs involved in diamond drilling. Unlike traditional drilling sumps, the GN Solids Removal Unit, also known as the GN Compact SRU, has become the preferred choice for solids control in the diamond drilling sector. This innovative closed-loop drilling fluid management system has garnered recognition from drilling contractors and resource companies for its cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

The drilling fluid is circulated directly from the drill collar to the GN Mini Shale Shaker for primary solids removal. A positive displacement feeding pump then transfers the drilling fluids to the GN mini decanter centrifuge for fine solids removal. The cleaned drilling fluids are subsequently returned to the drill hole for reuse. Additionally, the highly mobile unit is equipped with a mixing chamber, mixing hopper, and pumps, allowing for accurate and efficient addition of drilling fluids chemicals. The GNLW223 small decanter centrifuge, known as the world’s smallest decanter centrifuge for drilling fluids treatment, is particularly popular in the diamond core drilling industry.

Key Features & Benefits of GN Solids Removal Unit:

  • Process Capacity: 0-150 Liters Per Minute (LPM)
  • Reduction of drilling fluid consumption by over 40%
  • Self-contained unit featuring shaker, centrifuge, pumps, mixing equipment, tanks, and optional generators
  • Environmentally friendly with no pit drilling, leading to reduced water consumption
  • Decreased site set-up and remediation costs
  • Improved lifespan of diamond bits/drill rods, reducing down-hole drilling equipment expenses.

This optimized version presents a concise overview of the GN Solids Control Systems sold to non-excavation clients in Asia, highlighting key features and benefits while maintaining clarity and relevance.