GN Solids Control Leads the Way with Advanced Drilling Cuttings Management Systems

GN Solids Control focuses on the research and innovation of solid control equipment and new type Drilling Cuttings Management System, earning a good reputation in the industry. GN Solids Control is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to develop complete sets of Drilling Cuttings Management System.

Its products are sold to multiple countries and regions, receiving high praise from customers. GN’s complete set of Drilling Cuttings Management System can be leased or sold, meeting the needs of both oil-based mud and water-based mud zero-discharge treatment.

The working process of Drilling Cuttings Management System is as follows: The mud from the drilling rig enters the vibrating screen (1) and cleaner (2) through the elevated pipe manifold. The cuttings discharged after treatment by (1) and (2) are transported to the vertical centrifuge (4) for treatment through the screw conveyor (3). The solid waste treated by the vertical centrifuge is discharged through the waste outlet (5), while the recovered drilling mud (6) enters the drilling fluid mud tank (7). The centrifuge feeding pump or screw pump (8) extracts the recovered mud containing fine solid particles and supplies it to the centrifuge (9) for treatment. The solid portion is discharged through the solid discharge port (10), and the treated drilling fluid returns to the mud system (11) as clean mud.

Today, GN’s oilfield drilling cuttings drying system is being shipped to a customer in the Middle East.