GN Successfully Ships Oilfield Drill Waste Management System to Middle Eastern Client, Meeting Customer Requirements

Recently, leading domestic equipment manufacturer GN successfully shipped an advanced oilfield drill waste management system to a client in the Middle East, fully meeting the customer’s usage requirements.

At the heart of this system is the GNCD930 cuttings dryer, a type of vertical scraper discharge centrifuge. This centrifuge, powered by high-speed rotation, achieves efficient centrifugal separation of solid-liquid mixtures, effectively addressing the dehydration treatment of drill cuttings below 13mm in size in the drilling fluid waste slurry processing system.

The oilfield Drill Waste Management System plays a crucial role in oilfield drilling operations. Traditional methods often struggle to effectively handle small drill cuttings, resulting in drilling fluids with a high solid particle content, increasing the difficulty and cost of subsequent processing. However, the introduction of the GNCD930 cuttings dryer has changed this situation. It can rapidly dehydrate small drill cuttings in drilling fluids, effectively reducing the liquid phase content of drill cuttings in oil-based drilling fluids, thereby reducing the generation of subsequent drilling waste and lowering processing costs.

Additionally, this system can recover valuable drilling fluids, further reducing drilling costs. Through efficient solid-liquid separation, the system can control the oil content in processed drill cuttings to less than 5%, meeting environmental requirements while also saving customers significant resources and costs.

The GNCD930 drill cuttings dryer machine, as a high-performance centrifuge device, boasts outstanding stability and reliability and has received widespread acclaim in domestic and international markets. The successful shipment of this oilfield drill cuttings drying system to a Middle Eastern client not only demonstrates GN’s strength and technological level in the field of oilfield equipment manufacturing but also provides an advanced and reliable solution for oilfield drilling operations in the Middle East.

In conclusion, the successful application of the GNCD930 drill cuttings drying machine signifies a new height in oilfield drilling waste slurry processing technology, injecting new vitality into the industry’s development and progress. With the deployment of this advanced equipment, it is believed that Middle Eastern clients’ oilfield operations will benefit from more efficient and economical solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the oilfield industry.