GN Solids Control Sends Drilling Fluid Sand Pump and Mud Agitator to African Customers

In the global oil and gas industry, ensuring the quality and stability of drilling fluids is crucial. To meet the needs of African customers, GN Solids Control provides high-performance sand pumps and mud agitators, which not only improve the efficiency of drilling fluid handling but also ensure the safety and reliability of operations.

The GNSB series sand pump is one of GN Solids Control’s key products. These pumps are used not only for transporting drilling fluid mud but also for various purposes such as desander, desilter, centrifuge feed pump, and jet mixing pump. They feature mechanical seals for long service life and reliable performance. Additionally, all components can be interchanged with pumps from internationally renowned brands, providing users with a convenient maintenance and repair solution to ensure operations proceed without unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, the GNJBQ series mud agitator plays a critical role in maintaining the uniformity of drilling fluid and suspending solid particles. These agitators are suitable for stirring operations in petroleum drilling fluids, with advantages including compact structure, small footprint, and excellent stirring effect. GN Solids Control offers agitators with either helical bevel gear reducers or turbine worm gear reducers, providing high torque transmission, smooth operation, and reliable performance to ensure continuous and reliable stirring during drilling.

Addressing the needs of African customers, GN Solids Control’s sand pumps and mud agitators not only deliver efficient performance but also prioritize product reliability and safety. The application of these equipment will help customers improve drilling efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a stable and safe working environment. GN Solids Control will continue to focus on providing high-quality solids control equipment and technical support to global customers, contributing to the development and progress of the oil and gas industry.