Construction Slurry Dewatering System Working for North American Waste Management Company

Construction slurry comes from many activities, such as hydrovac excavation, horizontal directional drilling, tunnel boring, piling drilling etc. Usually this slurry is mixed with solids and liquid, which need to be delivered to liquid waste management company for further treating.
Before it might be OK to dig a pit and pour inside without doing anything, but not suitable or allowable under the new environmental protection rules. GN Solids Control has been helping thousands of client treat their slurry in an economical way and varies on the treated material sometimes GN helps client to set up a new business line with satisfying profit.

Construction Slurry Dewatering System Working in North America

GN Solids Control has been providing construction slurry dewatering system globally for many years, today we’d like to share one hydrovac slurry dewatering sytem that we provided to a North American client.

In the old days, hydrovac slurry need to be driven by fleet to a liquid waste company, and most of the treating equipment either takes too much energy or too large to treat, and need high maintenance. While by using GN hydrovac slurry dewatering system, hydrovac contractors find a cost-effective way to treat the slurry and recover sellable aggregates, sands, silts as reusable water.
Here are the main treating equipment in GN hydrovac slurry dewatering system: GN Coarse Shaker, GN Double Deck Shaker, GN Desilter Cyclone, GN Decanter Centrifuge, GN Chemical Dosing Unit and GN Mud Tank.
As we know thousands of clients have thousands of needs, everyone is special and deserve a tailored solids and liquid treating systems. When GN Solids Control provides a hydrovac slurry system, we send experience engineers to clients working sites and communicated thoroughly on all details. GN compact design hydrovac slurry dewatering system always meet clients’ demands. With more and more systems GN provided, we are more confident to provide a successful solution.
‘Before it is waste, now it is treasure. Nobody can imagine this before’, says one of hydrovac waste management CEO.