Construction Slurry Dewatering Equipment to Australia Company

GN Solids Control is a leading slurry treating plant solution provider. With more and more hydrovac excavation activities, a high demand on the construction slurry treating by hydrovac contractors and fleets.
GN Solids Control has provided many successful dewatering equipment to the world, such as US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As for this construction slurry dewatering equipment, it will be delivered to Australia very soon. It is mainly includes the following main treating components:

2021.09.23 Slurry Treatment System

1.Dewatering Coarse Vibrating Screen
Primary coarse vibrating screen is the first phase dewatering process, all big stones, branches, gloves etc are blocked on the top of the hopper, slurry fall through an automatic valve into coarse vibrating screen where opening mesh screens are fixed.

2021.09.23 Vibrating Screen
2.Dewatering Fine Shale Shaker  
A double deck shaker is used as the dewatering fine vibrating screen. Two sizes of solids removed from the slurry. Flushing nozzles and anti-spraying cover are optional components to keep the shaker deck from blocking after long time working.

3.Desilter Cleaner 
Desilter cleaner is shaker fixed with hydrocyclones, feed by sumbersible pump although sometimes centrifugal pump can be also used.
4 inch cylones can remove most of the solids larger than 25 microns. Usually after treated by GN dewatering fine shaker and desileter cleaner, we can get clean and dry sands and silts. As the hydrovac truck can carry solids and water at a very large different ratio, GN Solids Control also provides vacuum drying screen unit (GN ViST) to remove more water from slurry.

2021.09.23 Shale Shaker Tank
4.Big Bowl Dewatering Centrifuge
Centrifuge is the key treating equipment in this whole hydrovac slurry dewatering system. Centrifuge rotating bowl and screw propeller running at high rotating speed but at different direction, push the dry solids and recover clear water.
A chemical dosing unit is used to provide flocculant into the centrifuge, most of the solids larger than 2 microns can be removed by GN decanter centrifuge.