GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021

As one of the leading water treatment show in the world, WEFTEC 2021 has thousands of exhibitors participated. Due to COVID, there are not that less exhibitors and visitors this year compared before, but GN Solids America witnessed a fast recovery of US economy and is so glad to be part of it.
The WEFTEC 2021 was held in Chicago from Oct.16th to 20th. GN Solids America LLC participated in this show and exhibited one vacuum pump and one waste water decanter centrifuge. Along with some posters and a TV to play some working videos GN did.
Hundreds of professional visitors came to GN booth, and had a hot & friendly discussions on GN vacuum pump, GN decanter centrifuge, GN dewatering screw press as well as some other solids and liquid separation solutions.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 3

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 4

1.GN Vacuum Pump
GN Solids Control exhibits one 20 m3/h vacuum pump, besides this pump GN Solids Control also manufactures 5 m3/h, 40 m3/h pumps. Vacuum pump is particularly designed to move heavy density and larger viscosity materials, as long as the material is flowable, GN Solids Vacuum Pump can move it in a proper way.
An air compressor must be equipped with the vacuum pump to provide driven force. Vacuum pump can not working continuously due to the air need to suck and discharge every once a while. The working period can be adjusted easily by two switched on a control box. GN Solids Control also offers automatic mode and manual mode to control the on/off of the pump.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 1
2.GN Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is widely used in various solids and liquid separation, GN Solids Control exhibits one 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW224. In fact, GN Solids Control made centrifuge has different beach angles to working as dewatering, clarifying, and thickening.
We’d like to thanks for those visitors came to GN booth during this great WEFTEC show, and we are looking forward to meet you next year in New Orleans.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 2