Mud Recycling Unit for Overseas Trenchless Projects

Applications: HDD Non-Excavation and Pipe Jacking Projects

The Mud Recycling Unit is designed to address the needs of trenchless projects, particularly HDD non-excavation and pipe jacking operations. This unit efficiently processes drilling mud, ensuring a clean and reusable fluid.

Desanders for Different Industries

Part 1: Desanders for Oil and Gas Drilling & HDD

GN’s desanders serve as second and third-class solid control equipment for treating drilling fluids. These units are essential in the oil and gas industry as well as HDD operations. They are categorized by cone diameter: desanders (diameter over 6″) and desilters. Typically, 8″ and 10″ cone desanders are utilized to separate solid-phase particles sized 47-76μm in drilling fluids, ensuring efficient solids control.

Part 2: Desander Systems for Construction

For construction projects involving no-dig operations and bored pile drilling, GN offers desander systems with mud tanks specifically designed for bentonite recycling. These systems effectively handle the demands of construction sites, providing a reliable solution for mud recycling and solids control.

With GN’s advanced desander technology, trenchless and drilling operations can achieve optimal performance, ensuring the effective separation and recycling of drilling fluids across various industries.