GN’s GNLW364 Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge Supports Overseas Municipal Sludge Dewatering Project

Recently, GN announced that its GNLW364 model decanter centrifuge from the T-series of sludge dewatering decanter centrifuges has successfully been applied in an overseas municipal sludge dewatering project, gaining high recognition from customers for its superior dewatering capabilities and efficient performance.

The GNLW364 decanter centrifuge features an 8.5-degree semi-cone angle design, significantly increasing the length of the dewatering zone, resulting in more effective dewatering and the discharge of drier solid materials. The centrifuge is constructed using duplex stainless steel materials, ensuring corrosion resistance and extended service life. Additionally, the spiral blades are precision-pressed using CNC spiral blade forming equipment, providing higher spiral precision, improved sludge discharge efficiency, and enhanced pressing force for drier sludge output.

Moreover, the GNLW364 centrifuge boasts optimized cone angles and pitch designs, coupled with BD baffles, which effectively separate the dewatering zone from the sedimentation zone. This leads to deeper liquid pools, longer dewatering zones, clearer separated liquids, drier solids, and increased processing capacity. The BD baffles also promote sludge discharge, while the deep liquid pool reduces kinetic energy loss during liquid discharge, resulting in lower energy consumption and greater energy efficiency.

GN has always prioritized technological innovation and product optimization. The GNLW364 centrifuge exemplifies the company’s technological prowess. The equipment not only boasts high-efficiency and stability but also incorporates a comprehensive monitoring and alarm system that monitors operational parameters such as speed, bearing temperature, overall vibration, lubrication system oil pressure, main and auxiliary motor current, and screw torque. Abnormalities trigger alarms, and in case of blockages, the system automatically initiates a clearing procedure, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

This successful application in an overseas municipal sludge dewatering project further demonstrates GN’s technological strength and market competitiveness in the environmental protection and municipal sectors. GN will continue to uphold the principles of “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to provide global customers with superior products and services, jointly promoting the development of environmental protection efforts.