GN’s Mud Recycling Systems Gain Popularity in Overseas Non-Excavation Projects

Recently, Hebei GN Solids Control , a domestic professional manufacturer of HDD non-excavation Mud Recycling System, has announced exciting news as multiple sets of its mud recovery systems have been successfully sold to various overseas non-excavation projects. Leveraging its deep industry experience and exceptional technology, GN has designed Mud Recycling System with notable advantages such as compact structure, easy transportation, and convenient usage. These systems are widely used in HDD non-excavation mud-water separation, mud cleaning, and coalbed methane development

GN’s Mud Recycling System product line is diverse, including the GNMS-200B with a processing capacity of 200GPM (approximately 45m³/h), the GNMS-400B with a processing capacity of 400GPM (approximately 90m³/h), the GNMS-600B with a processing capacity of 600GPM (approximately 136m³/h), and the GNMS-800B with a processing capacity of 800GPM (approximately 180m³/h). These products not only meet the needs of different project scales but also provide customized production services for customers.

In practical applications, GN’s mud recovery systems have demonstrated outstanding performance. For example, in a foreign non-excavation directional crossing project, the GNMS-600B mud recovery system significantly improved mud processing efficiency for the project team, reduced resource waste, and effectively shortened the project cycle. This successful case further proves the competitiveness and practicality of GN’s Mud Recycling System in the international market.