2 Sets GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuge for Australia Customer

GN Solids Control Customizes Two GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuges for Australian Client,Meeting Specific Requirements

GN Solids Control announced recently that it has successfully completed the customization of two GNLW224 decanter centrifuges and shipped them to a client in Australia. These centrifuges will be equipped with ABB brand motors, bearing temperature sensors, and vibration sensors, complying with the IEC Ex explosion-proof standard to meet the client’s specific requirements.

The GNLW224 decanter centrifuge is a compactly designed and high-performance device with a drum size of 220mm (9 inches). Due to its small footprint, this centrifuge excels in processing small batches of materials or in situations where space is limited, making it particularly suitable for solid-liquid separation tasks. Additionally, it is an ideal choice for experimental testing of decanter centrifuges.

GN Solids Control offers three optional configurations for customers: fixed-speed control, full hydraulic control, and variable frequency control, catering to the needs of different operating conditions.

This centrifuge has wide application prospects in industrial wastewater treatment and mining drilling wastewater treatment, among other fields. Its efficient solid-liquid separation performance and reliable operation characteristics make it a popular choice within the industry.

GN Solids Control stated that it will continue to focus on providing customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries and looks forward to achieving more win-win outcomes in future collaborations with clients.

This move by GN Solids Control once again demonstrates its leading position in the field of decanter centrifuges and its commitment to meeting customer needs. These two customized GNLW224 decanter centrifuges will provide efficient and reliable solid-liquid separation solutions for Australian clients, helping them achieve better results in industrial wastewater treatment and mining drilling wastewater treatment, among other fields.