GN Advances Mineral Processing with Dewatering Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion

Recently, GN has successfully supplied 8 advanced linear dewatering vibrating screens to domestic iron ore clients.

This technology is widely utilized in various industries such as mineral processing, coal selection, construction materials, metallurgy, and chemical engineering. Specifically applied in the mineral processing sector, the linear dewatering vibrating screens excel in mud removal, dewatering, de-intermediation, and dry tailings disposal for materials like iron ore, non-ferrous metal ores, and coal.

These devices employ advanced techniques, including finite element analysis and fatigue resistance analysis, ensuring a rational structure, low energy consumption, and high dewatering and dry disposal capabilities. The design is adaptable to corrosive and abrasive working conditions, offering significant throughput, efficiency, and stability. Additionally, the sizes of GN’s linear dewatering vibrating screens can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different industrial scenarios.

Featuring dual vibration motors installed using the principle of reverse self-synchronization, these screens facilitate linear movement. The vibrating screen body drives synchronous vibration of the screen surface, imparting force to the material on the screen. This impact causes material to be thrown up on the screen surface, achieving solid-liquid separation and separation of coarse and fine granular materials. Material continuously enters through the feeding trough or hydrocyclone, undergoing dewatering and de-intermediation on the screen surface. The materials on the upper and lower sides of the screen are discharged into corresponding collection troughs, proceeding to the next stage of the process.

It is noteworthy that the direction of exciting force and the horizontal angle can be designed according to the nature of the material on the client’s site. This angle directly determines the material’s running speed on the screen surface and the processing capacity of the equipment, providing customers with a more personalized solution.

By delivering these advanced linear dewatering vibrating screens, GN contributes to more efficient and reliable dewatering and dry tailings disposal solutions for clients in the mineral processing industry. We look forward to exploring further areas of collaboration with our clients, making greater contributions to the progress and development of the industry.