GN Mini Solids Control Equipment for Mining Exploration

GN Solids Control recently shipped a comprehensive mining exploration mud treating system to an international client. The system comprises two fundamental components: the GNZS752J mini shale shaker and the GNLW223 9-inch bowl decanter centrifuge. These units play a pivotal role in the effective management of drilling mud during mining exploration activities.


The mini shale shaker, designated as GNZS752J, serves as a key element of the system. With its compact yet efficient design, it offers impressive vibrational force to sift through the excavated materials. This process effectively separates solids while preserving drilling fluids for reutilization. Simultaneously, the GNLW223 9-inch bowl decanter centrifuge functions as an indispensable tool for fine solids separation. Its high-speed rotation facilitates the isolation of finer particles from the mud, contributing to enhanced fluid clarity and minimizing wastage.

This recent accomplishment underscores GN Solids Control’s unwavering commitment to delivering tailored solutions for various industries. While historically associated with the oil and gas sector, the company’s foray into the mining exploration field highlights its adaptability and expertise in addressing diverse market needs. By providing a comprehensive mud treating system, GN Solids Control empowers mining exploration projects with the tools needed to streamline operations, improve resource extraction efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.