GN Solids Control Completes Multiple Vertical Cuttings Dryer Systems for Export

GN Solids Control, a leading provider of drilling waste management solutions, has finished manufacturing several packages of vertical cuttings dryer systems for international customers.2023.08.10_Drilling_Cuttings_Dryer 2023.08.10_Vertical_Cuttings_Dryer_System

Notably, the company crafted two containerized systems consisting of cuttings dryers coupled with decanter centrifuges for a client in Russia. A separate package with a dryer and centrifuge was also finished for shipment to South America.

As experts in the field, GN Solids Control offers turnkey solutions to effectively treat both oil-based and synthetic-based drilling cuttings. Their vertical cuttings dryer plays a key role, using advanced techniques to separate cuttings from fluid and reduce liquid content to less than 5% residual oil out. This minimizes environmental impact while improving potential for resource recovery.

Complementing the dryer is GN’s decanter centrifuge, which efficiently separates solids from liquids. This centrifuge helps customers comply with regulations by clarifying fluids, recovering reuseable fluids, and lessening the ecological footprint.

By applying specialized expertise and engineering, GN Solids Control customized these solutions to meet unique global client needs. Their commitment to tailored, sustainable systems underscores the company’s leadership in responsible drilling waste handling worldwide.

In completing multiple vertical dryer packages, GN Solid Control demonstrates ongoing dedication to delivering efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions through innovative products like the dryer and centrifuge. This sets new standards for sustainable waste management internationally.

GN Solids Control is able to customize their solutions to meet unique client needs through their:

– Specialized expertise in drilling waste management. As a leading provider, they have extensive experience designing solutions tailored for different applications, locations and fluid/cuttings characteristics.

– Advanced engineering capabilities. They can engineer systems using different equipment configurations, specifications, automation levels etc. based on each project/client’s technical and operational requirements.

– Focus on client requirements. They work directly with clients to understand particular needs around treatment capacity/throughput, environmental/regulatory compliance, footprint, mobility, ease of operation etc. and design accordingly.

– Ability to tailor solutions for diverse global clients. By tapping their expertise internationally, they can customize for factors like local regulations/standards, drilling/waste conditions, infrastructure/space constraints that vary between regions/countries.

So in summary, through specialized knowledge, engineering flexibility and focus on client input, GN Solids Control is able to modify equipment selection, integration and system design to align perfectly with each client’s unique demands for efficient, sustainable drilling waste handling. This client-centric approach is a key part of their value proposition.