GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Middle East Company

GN Solids Control has been providing hundreds sets of oil sludge treating units to global customers for many years with one latest 15 m3/h system GN shipped to one Middle East Company.
GN Oil sludge treating system is designed to treat the oil sludge from drilling rig sites, from tank bottom, and from refinery plant etc. Usually those high density, large viscosity drilling sludge can be treated by GN oil sludge system into clean oil, water and solids.

Here are the main treating components in this GNOST-15 system:
1.Pump Transfer Unit
Usually GN Solids Control suggests to use vacuum pump to collect the sludge and feed into GN oil sludge unit as other pumps can not provide enough power to move the high viscosity sludge.

2.Coarse Shaker Unit
GN Solids made coarse shaker GNLMP126 runs at linear motion, fixed with PU screen panel to remove big particles from the oil sludge, like stones, aggregates etc.
3.Crushing Unit
In order to protect the afterwards equipment, GN Solids provides one crushing unit to prepare the materials into fine particles.
4.Pre-heating and Mixing Unit
It is necessary to have a pre-heating and mixing unit in order to get clean oil and solids. Hot pipes along the inside of tank keep the oil sludge running smoothly and with added chemicals to dilute the oil sludge.
5.Fine Shaker Unit
GN Solids Control fine shaker GNZS706 is a double deck unit fixed with 6 pcs screen panels. Slurry are treated by the top deck first and then the bottom deck.

6.Decanter Centrifuge Unit
Decanter centrifuge is the finest separating unit, can remove solids larger than 2-5 microns when running at high speed. GN made decanter centrifuge GNLW553 rotating bowl is duplex stainless steel, and screw propeller protected by tungsten carbide tiles.

7.Three Phase Decanter
In order to have a 3 phase separation, GNSD-125 is used after the 2 phase decanter centrifuge.
8.Chemical Dosing Unit
Only mechanical separation is not easy to achieve a good separating result, so GN Solids provides a automatic chemical power adding unit to provide constant chemicals to the pre-mixing tank, decanter centrifuge and 3 phase decanter.