GN New Type Vacuum Shale Shaker for Drilling Fluids Solids Control

GN Solids Control just launched a new type vacuum shale shaker to help oil gas drilling contractors reduce drilling waste volume and recycle more drilling fluids for a greener world. The vacuum shale shaker is a new technology to enhance the drilling fluids recovery by combining traditional shale shaker and vacuum screen. 
ViST is Vacuum Screen Technology, composed by a vacuum unit, catch pan(s) and hoses etc, which was first designed by GN Solids Control in June, 2017. It was proved to be a big success and highly efficient product when work together with a shale shaker to treat OBM, WBM and SBM.

Designed in a compact structure, this new type Vacuum Shale Shaker includes one negative pressure vacuum pump, one corresponding catch pan and hidden hoses to generate pulse or continuous pressure at the screen bottom during the operation of the shaker, so as to achieve the combined separation effect of vibration and negative pressure. 
Pulse frequency/time of the negative pressure can be controlled by an independent control box, and can also be switched to continuous negative pressure. 
The control box of the Vacuum Shaker, same with the traditional one, can control the shaker independently and work independently with the ViST. When it needs maintenance, the modular designed Vacuum Shaker can be used as a traditional one by removing the negative pressure pump, catch pan and hoses. On the contrary, the traditional shaker can be also upgraded to a vacuum shaker by adding those previous mentioned components. 
As one of the feedback from a drilling company GN ViST vacuum shale shaker reduced 35% drilling waste, which saves a lot of cost for the drilling waste disposal, and the recovered drilling fluids is also valuable. 
Installed under the last screen or mounted externally, the vacuum catch pan is connected with a ViST by hoses. The new type vacuum shaker is an electrical driven unit, while traditional ones demand a stable and continuous air source. Anti-splash SS cover is optional, double shale shakers and triple shale shakers can be customized. 
GN Solids Control also provides pneumatic driven vacuum unit, each one is able to connect with max. 3 sets catch pans. The compressed air from AC or the rig air supply is required to create suction on the last screen surface, pulling additional drilling fluids off the cuttings. Different with the electric vacuum shaker, the pneumatic vacuum shaker has a ViST fixed on one side and connected by much longer hoses. 
By adding a ViST on the shaker, a higher mesh screen can be used for the shaker to save the use of desander, desilter and corresponding drilling fluids feeding pump. Four grades of solid control process can be changed into two grades, and the mud treatment process will be simplified to reduce the well site area and personnel input, thus to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. Almost no additional space is required to meet the space requirements of both onshore and offshore drilling platforms.
In a result , GN Vacuum Shaker maximizes the volume of recovered and reused fluids and it provides dryer cuttings. Dryer cuttings mean less drilling waste and more recovery drilling fluids. So ViST can save money for operators on drilling fluids and waste management.
GN Solids Control specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey solids and liquid separation equipment in oil & gas industry, environmental protection industry, construction industry and mining industry. For more info about GN and GN vacuum shaker unit, please don’t hesitate to contact by sales(at)