Waste Pit Cleaning Vacuum Pump and Centrifuge for Asian Client

 GN Solid Control is a top brand solids and liquid separation as well as conveying equipment manufacturer based in China with 3 manufacturing plants includes 2 close to Beijing International Airport. Last week GN Solids Control shipped another batch of waste sludge treating equipment to one Asian client. 
As we all know that sludge is hard to move after sediment especially when it has been stocked for many days, while GN Solids Control has one sludge transfer pump which is the vacuum pump that can move all high solids content and large viscosity materials. 
GN vacuum pump is an air driven united, during work it is connected with an air compressor. As long as the solids size is smaller than the feeding port, it can be moved by GN vacuum pump, such as aggregates, oil sludge, chemical powers etc. 
GN Solids Control uses one 40B vacuum pump to suck the sludge from the waste pit and dilute it with water before feeding into GN decanter centrifuge as usually solids less then 20% can be treated. And another point we need to consider is in order to have a better and consistent treating performance that an even materials is ideal to feed into centrifuge. 
GN Solids Control has been provided thousands of decanter centrifuges in the world, especially in the oil and gas industry for the drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management area. GN Solids Control also builds environmental protection centrifuges with different half cone angles, length and diameter rates etc to achieve the dewatering, clarfiying and thickening treating demands. 
Usually centrifuge is feed by a screw pump, so the feeding flow rate is linear and can be also adjusted easily on the HMI of the VFD box. Welcome to connect with GN Solids Control, here we always have the right cost-effective solution for you.