A Batch of Decanter Centrifuges Made for Different Industries Ready for Shipment

Decanter centrifuge is one of the main products in GN production line. It is usually used for solid-liquid separation, and some three-phase decanter centrifuges will also be used for liquid-liquid-solid separation. The process of solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid-solid separation is often encountered in the process of modern industrial production. Therefore, decanter centrifuge plays an important role in modern industrial production.

A typical application of decanter centrifuge is used as sludge dewatering equipment in the process of municipal sewage treatment. The sludge at the bottom of the sedimentation tank in the sewage treatment plant needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the space of the sedimentation tank to continuously receive sewage. In order to speed up the cleaning and transportation of sludge, the sludge at the bottom of the tank needs to be dewatered. Adding flocculants to the sludge can better make the fine particles in the sludge gather into flocs. After the flocculated sludge enters the centrifuge, the separated clean water will be relatively clear. GN T series dewatering decanter centrifuge is a centrifuge product specially designed by GN for environmental protection water treatment industry, which can be adapted to sludge with high solid content. The screw blade and slag discharge port are protected by tungsten carbide plate or alloy sleeve, which can prolong the service life of the equipment.

Another typical application of decanter centrifuge is to separate fine drilling cuttings from drilling mud in the mud system. The drilling mud treated by centrifuge can be reinjected into the mud system for recycling. The decanter centrifuge in widely used in mud systems of oil and gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, TBM, and even some construction mud treatment projects.

In order to meet different working conditions or different feeding conditions on site, according to customer requirements, GN can equip the decanter with VFD control cabinet to achieve different treatment objectives by adjusting the speed. At the same time, the control cabinet is also equipped with the relevant control of the screw feeding pump, which can realize the start and stop interlock function of the feed pump and the centrifuge, and improve the safety of field work and the reliability of equipment operation.

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