3 Phase Disc Separator Shipped out for Seabuckthorn Oil Production

Recently GN shipped out one unit of 3 phase disc separator that would be used for seabuckthorn oil production. Seabuckthorn oil is natural oil extracted from seabuckthorn fruit. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. It has high medicinal value, which makes It can not only play a health care role in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver and respiratory system, but also help to strengthen brain and intelligence.

In the production of seabuckthorn oil, the seabuckthorn fruit needs to be cleaned and ground to separate the oil from the fruit cells, and then extracted. After grinding, seabuckthorn fruit forms a mixture of fruit residue, water and oil. If you want to extract the oil from the mixture, you need three-phase separation, and the disc machine can achieve this purpose.

Disc separator is a high-speed centrifugal separation equipment. The materials fed into it are usually solid-liquid mixture or liquid mixture with different densities. The disc separator bowl rotates at high speed. Due to the density difference, the materials in the equipment will form stratification under the action of centrifugal force; the solid phase will sink and be discharged from the slag discharge port, while the liquid phase will be discharged from the outlet at the top of the equipment under the action of centripetal pump.

Disc separator used in the food industry or pharmaceutical industry need to have high requirements for some materials in contact with materials. Stainless steel materials are usually used, and the sealing materials should also have food grade safety certification. GN disc separator is equipped with a control cabinet with PLC and frequency converter. Users can monitor the operation of the equipment and set and adjust the operation parameters through the touch screen, so as to achieve the best separation effect.

As a professional separation solution provider, GN is committed to providing cost-effective separation equipment or complete systems. For more information about disc separator, please contact GN separation.