Farewell the old and welcome the new, GN Summary of 2021 and Development Plan of 2022

Farewell the old and welcome the new, GN Summary of 2021 and Development Plan of 2022
Farewell to the year of Ox 2021 and usher a vigorous year of Tiger 2022. The external environment of the past year has been a difficult year, with harsh and complicate international situation, plus the epidemic continues to spread. But thanks for the trust of GN customers, the persistent support of GN partners and the hard efforts of GN employees, we are lucky and proud to step forward to a higher platform. 
GN has made some big achievement if looks back on 2021:
1. The construction of “GN Yutian new factory project for capacity expansion” (78,000 m2) has entered the final stage. Based on the capacity of GN HQ which is the Langfang Dachang Industrial Zone plant, and the capacity of Yutian new factory can be expanded in 2022 which will provide better guarantee for the timely delivery.

2. GN has successfully achieved the sales target of 2021 and achieved a certain growth year-on-year compared to 2020. Several large projects were successfully delivered, including but not limited to the following projects:
2.1 South America 5,600m ³ (35,000bbl) Drilling Mud Plant Project

See details at https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/35-000bbl-liquid-mud-plant-for-international-drilling-fluids-service-company  
2.2 Nigeria 3 Sets Drillling Mud Zero Discharge Systems Project 
P3 1P4

See details at https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/vertical-cuttings-dryer-and-solids-control-centrifuge-for-overseas-client 
2.3 Canada Big Lake Sludge Dewatering Project

See details at https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/gn-solids-and-liquid-separation-equipment-for-canada-dredging-slurry-dewatering  
2.4 Singapore 8 Sets Pipe Jacking Separation Desander Plants
See details at https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/pipe-jacking-slurry-separation-desander-plant-for-asian-client  
3. Progress has been made in R & D and upgrading core new products, include the 5th generation horizontal decanter centrifuge, shaker with vacuum screen unit and durable repairable shaker screen. On the basis of successful application abroad, the technical route of negative pressure shale shaker has been upgraded and adapted to the domestic on-site working conditions, so it can not only be equipped with GN Solids Control shale shaker, but can be alos equipped with customers’ shale shakers and upgrade to a negative pressure type.

To achieve these, first of all, we want to thank global customers for their continued trust. Since 2019 GN has actively responded to the government policy of formulating the “international and domestic dual cycle market development strategy”. As an export-oriented enterprise, under the environment of foreign epidemic, the trust and support of domestic customers and the rapid growth of the domestic market provide a strong guarantee to GN Solids Control of strengthening and improving the Made In China brand. We also thank overseas customers for their trust and support. Due to the overseas epidemic situation, seldom customer visiting, limited outbound services and tight international logistics, but foreign customers can continue to choose GN on large projects which we are deeply grateful for this. GN will take practical actions, innovate products, improve quality, serve attentively, and create more value for customers as a return.
We would also like to thank our partners for their strong support. Raw materials rose sharply and the supply chain was unstable in 2021, however our suppliers and partners try their best to ensure quality and delivery time, reduce costs, and provide us with high-quality and reasonably priced materials and parts. So as to ensure the quality and market competitiveness of GN’s own products. As a return GN will continue to explore the market and expand production capacity in 2022, so as to provide more cooperation opportunities for suppliers and partners. At the same time, we will also optimize supply chain management through ERP system so the cooperation between suppliers and GN will be smoother in logistics, capital flow, quality acceptance etc.
The success of GN Solids Control depends on the excellent talents and the development of GN is inseparable from the efforts of each department. The sales elites of the international and dometic department forge ahead, gallop the market and obtain excellent market share. The technical backbones of the technology department have the courage to innovate and spare no effort to develop new technology products to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the technical data of the project. The officers and workers of the manufacturing department, fearing the severe cold and heat, worked diligently to ensure the smooth delivery of major projects. The colleagues of the quality control department are rigorous, meticulous and professional, which ensures the excellent quality of GN’s products. The warriors of after-sales service department, fearing the epidemic situation, travel everywhere and serve every customer with hot heart. The handsome men and women in the financial and administrative center are careful, thoughtful and willing to contribute, which provides a solid logistical support for GN. Employees with excellent performance in their respective posts will also be rewarded by GN in 2021, such as car purchase reward, equity dividend reward, red envelope reward, etc.
In addition, we also thank the government and all sectors of society for their support. Let us achieve smooth development in a severe and complex market environment.
Looking forward to 2022, GN has set new development goals: 
1) “GN Yutian new factory project for capacity expansion” will be put into operation successfully in 2022.
2) The sales target will be increased by more than 20%.
3) Develop and upgrade products and apply for more than 10 patents.
4) ERP phase II project will be successfully completed.
5) Three intelligent manufacturing robot production lines will be launched.
We believe that in 2022, with the trust of customers at home and abroad, the strong support of partners and the efforts of GN families, we can successfully achieve the company’s annual goal of 2022.
Finally, we wish you all good luck in the Tiger year and all the best!