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Hi-G Shaker and Cuttings Dryer Successfully Using for International Oilfield Company

GN Solids Control made drilling waste management systems are widely using in the global world drilling rig sites, several days ago GN Solids Control received one more positive feedback on Hi-G shaker and cuttings dryer from an International oilfield company.
Usually, drilling cuttings are classified into water base cuttings and oil base cuttings, as the water base cuttings are mainly treated by shale shaker and decanter centrifuge, while cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge will be the perfect solution to treat oil base cuttings.

As for this overseas oilfield service company, GN Solids Control provides the following main treating equipment:
1.GN Hi-G Shaker: GNZS594F-SGZF
GN Hi-G Drying shaker GNZS594F-SGZF is a 4 panels shaker which collects the drilling cuttings from primary shaker, and eliminate water from the cuttings.
GN Solids Control is the only China screen manufacturer who can provides a full series of API RP 13C third party screen report. Under the high G force, GN drying shaker is able to remove most of big particles from WBM.

2.GN Cuttings Dryer: GNCD930F-VFD
Cuttings dryer is the most cost effective treating equipment when speaks of oil base cuttings, as the dryer can rotate under high G force so the oil can penetrate the screen basket with the cuttings left inside and fall off to the collecting hopper.
GN Solids Control provides 3 different opening sizes of screen basket, 0.25 mm, 035 mm and 0.5 mm. Screen basket scraper and flushing nozzles protect the cuttings discharge rings from blocking.

3.GN Screw Conveyor: GNSC12B-24, GNSC14B-48
To move the treated cuttings conveniently, GN Solids Control provides screw conveyor underneath the Hi-G drying shaker and Cuttings Dryer. GN Solids Control also provides height adjusting skids for the screw conveyors so they can work in different sites. In fact, those recovered drilling fluids from Hi-G drying shaker and Cuttings Dryer can be further treated by GN decanter centrifuge.

Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment shipped to Oilfield Service Company

As one of the largest types of GN Solids Control customers, oil & gas service companies has repeated orders on different kinds of solids control and DWM equipment. These weeks, GN Solids Control has finished one batch of solids control equipment for an international oilfield service company, will get them delivered very soon. 
GN Solids Control has been providing the most cost-effective solids and liquid separation equipment for many years, in this batch GN provides the following equipment:

2021.11.18 Solids Control Equipment

1.GN Shale Shaker
4 sets of GN shale shaker GNZS594F will be used to remove big particles (usually larger than 100 microns) from the drilling mud. GNZS594 is a linear motion shale shaker fixed with 4 pcs shaker screens. GN Solids Control is the only shaker manufacturer that can provide a full series of API RP 13C shaker screen report. 

2021.11.18 Shale Shaker
2.GN Mud Cleaner
GN mud cleaner GNZJ594F-3S16N is a 3 in 1 unit with compact structure, 2 different sizes of cyclones fixed on the top of shale shaker. After treated by GN shale shaker, centrifugal pump feeds the drilling mud into 10 inch desander cyclones first before a second centrifugal pump feeds into those 4 inch desitler cyclones. 

2021.11.18 Drilling Mud Centrifuge
2021.11.18 Decanter Centrifuge

3.GN Decanter Centrifuge
2 sets GN Decanter Centrifuges GNlW454ET-VFD are used after the mud cleaner. 454 is a 18 inch rotating bowl centrifuge, the first decanter centrifuge will be used to remove most of the solids by quantity, while the second decanter centrifuge will be used to remove most of the solids by sizes as they will be running under middle high speed and high speed separately. 
In case one centrifuge is broken and need to be repaired, another centrifuge can be switched to guarantee the working without disturb. 
GN Solids Control has provides many solids and liquid separation equipment to global clients for many years, with more and more successful projects running in different sites, GN Solids Control always able to provide the most cost-effective solution.

GNTBM-360 Slurry Separation Plant for pipe jacking engineering company

GN Solids Control has been providing slurry separation equipment for many years to global drilling contractors. Last week, GN Solids Control delivered one set of GNTBM-360 slurry separation plant to a pipe jacking engineering company. 
Several months ago, GN Solids Control also provided one GNTBM-240 to a South American client. Most of these systems have similar design, they mainly includes the following treating components:

2021.11.08 GNTBM 360 Separation Plant

1.Shale Shaker
Shale shaker is the first phase to remove big particles from the mud. GN coarse vibrating shaker is fixed with opening mesh polyurethane screens which last longer when remove different sizes of stones or aggregates. 
GN Solids Control uses 18 inch sizes cyclones to remove slurry after treated by coarse shaker, 2 pcs desander cones are fixed on the top of a finer shaker. 
After treated by the desander, slurry falls onto the screen panel, which vibrate under the liner force of min. 7 G. Here weaving shaker screens are used, all are made by GN Solids Control. GN is able to build over 8000 pcs per month, and screens are tested by USA 3rd party in order to have the ideal precise cut point and conductance area. 

2021.11.08 TBM Slurry Separation Plant
Multiple 4 inch desilter cyclones are also fixed on the top of a finer shaker, a feeding pump suck the slurry and pump into the 4 inch desilter cyclones where most of the solids larger than 25 microns can be removed. 
4.Feeding Pump
GN Solids Control provides different types of feeding pumps, such as centrifugal pump, submersible pump and vacuum pump etc. In this pipe jacking engineering, GN Solids Control used two slurry feeding pumps, which are wear-proof to transfer high solids content slurry. 

2021.11.08 Slurry Separation Plant
5.Compact structure with storage tank
A compact structure to hold all the above treating equipment, with necessary walkways, ladders or safety guide rails. Mud storage tank has level sensor to keep the slurry in a reasonable level by control the on or off of the slurry pump. Whole system is easy to move or transport. 

Waste Sludge Dewatering Equipment shipped to Environmental Company

GN Solids Control this month finished manufacturing of one whole set waste sludge dewatering system for an environmental company, it mainly includes dewatering centrifuge, screw press dewatering machine and chemical dosing unit.
Solids and liquid separation or liquid and liquid separation is always the topic when you need to treat waste, either precious solids need to be recovered or valuable liquid need to be thickened, or harmful oil should be removed, GN Solids Control always have the right equipment for you.

1.GN Dewatering Centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuge is effectively used to dewater different kinds of slurry, among various types of GN centrifuges, the T series is especially used to dewater sludge such as oil and gas drilling mud, oily sludge, mineral water, municipal or industrial wastewater, sludge from chemicals manufacturing company such as soda white mud or salt mud dewatering.
With a half cone angle of 8 degree, the rotating bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205or 2304, centrifuge solids discharge ports are embed with long time last wear resistance tungsten carbide tiles.

2.GN Dewatering Screw Press
GN Dewatering Screw Press is one of the most cost-effective treating unit, compared to decanter centrifuge it is way low budget is a big lure for many clients. Dewatering screw press uses an economical way to press the liquid out from the sludge.
Same with the decanter centrifuge, a pretreating equipment is needed to remove big particles. Dewatering screw press can work continously and automatically, ideal for the sludge concentration of between 2,000 mg/l to 50,000 mg/l.

3.GN Chemical Dosing Unit
When there are too much finer particles, a chemical dosing unit is very necessary to provide polymer together with the feed slurry into decanter centrifuge and dewater screw press. GN Solids Control has standard chemical dosing unit, equipped with dosing pump, and convenient to control on the smart control box.
GN Solids Control always has the right solution for you on solids and liquid waste separation.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021

As one of the leading water treatment show in the world, WEFTEC 2021 has thousands of exhibitors participated. Due to COVID, there are not that less exhibitors and visitors this year compared before, but GN Solids America witnessed a fast recovery of US economy and is so glad to be part of it.
The WEFTEC 2021 was held in Chicago from Oct.16th to 20th. GN Solids America LLC participated in this show and exhibited one vacuum pump and one waste water decanter centrifuge. Along with some posters and a TV to play some working videos GN did.
Hundreds of professional visitors came to GN booth, and had a hot & friendly discussions on GN vacuum pump, GN decanter centrifuge, GN dewatering screw press as well as some other solids and liquid separation solutions.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 3

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 4

1.GN Vacuum Pump
GN Solids Control exhibits one 20 m3/h vacuum pump, besides this pump GN Solids Control also manufactures 5 m3/h, 40 m3/h pumps. Vacuum pump is particularly designed to move heavy density and larger viscosity materials, as long as the material is flowable, GN Solids Vacuum Pump can move it in a proper way.
An air compressor must be equipped with the vacuum pump to provide driven force. Vacuum pump can not working continuously due to the air need to suck and discharge every once a while. The working period can be adjusted easily by two switched on a control box. GN Solids Control also offers automatic mode and manual mode to control the on/off of the pump.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 1
2.GN Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is widely used in various solids and liquid separation, GN Solids Control exhibits one 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW224. In fact, GN Solids Control made centrifuge has different beach angles to working as dewatering, clarifying, and thickening.
We’d like to thanks for those visitors came to GN booth during this great WEFTEC show, and we are looking forward to meet you next year in New Orleans.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 2