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Drilling Cuttings Drying Shaker for Offshore Drilling Service Company

GN Solids Control has provided many sets of drilling cuttings drying shakers to the offshore drilling service companies for many years. With hundreds of successful GN made solids control and drilling waste management equipment using in the world, GN Solids Control is getting to known by more and more drilling waste management companies, drilling contractors etc. 

2022.03.21 High G Drying Shaker

This March, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of 3 sets offshore drilling cuttings drying shaker units for COSL. Every unit mainly includes the following GN components:
1.GN Hi-G Drying Shaker
GN Hi-G Drying Shaker is a 4 panels shaker, fixed with 2 horizontal vibrators to keep the shaker running in linear direction. GN Solids Control only used Italy OLI or USA Martin vibrators, which are proven work steady with GN shakers in harsh environment. 
GN Solids Control build single deck and double deck shakers, which are function well in different rig sites. To keep the shaker screens from blocking, GN smartly fix spraying nozzles to flush the screens after use for a long while, also the anti-spraying cover protect the splashed drilling mud everywhere. 
Feeding box is customized for this offshore drilling shaker. It includes 3 manual valves to control and feeding volume into the shaker. 

2022.03.21 High G Shaker
2.GN Mud Tank
GN mud tank is build according to the offshore standard, the mud tank compact with a DNV standard lifting frame. And mud tank is painted strictly according to the offshore working environment. 
3.GN Centrifugal Pump
GN centrifugal pump fixed on the side of the mud tank, which can be used to move the after treated drilling mud from the drying shaker. GN centrifugal pump is totally interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum pump. While it is with a good wear resistant and long time usage advantage. 
4.GN Mud Agitator  
To keep the drilling mud from sediment in the shaker tank, a GN mud agitator is fixed on the top of the tank

Europe ATEX Standard Explosion Proof Decanter Centrifuge for Middle East Customer

GN Solids Control shipped two sets of ATEX explosion proof standard decanter centrifuges to a Middle East oil service company last week after these days hard work. GN Solids Control has sold and manufactured more than 50 sets decanter centrifuges since the beginning of this year.

GN Solids Control is able to manufacture Europe ATEX, IEC Ex, and CNEX standard explosion proof standard motors and electrical control boxes for global drilling companies and oil service companies. As for these 2 sets centrifuges, they are both ATEX Zone 1 standard with VFD, explosion proof air conditioners guarantee the centrifuge working in the hot temperature up to +55 C degree.
These two ATEX VFD centrifuges are both 14 inch bowl size. To meet the harsh working environment, GN Solids Control use duplex stainless steel to build the rotating bow, and along the screw propeller it is fixed with tungsten carbide tiles to protect the propeller running a long time with a very small weariness.
GN VFD control box is fixed with a smart HMI, all centrifuge working parameters can be changed or working conditions can be monitored on it.The two main centrifuge bearings are fixed with temperature sensors and centrifuge frame fixed with vibration sensor, signal lines connected with the PLC which is also able to remind workers in case there are any abnormal alarms.

GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in the drilling mud solids control. And some big bowl like 18 inch and 22 inch centrifuges are also very popular in the barite recovery or drilling mud control or drill cuttings waste management.
GN Solids Control is able to provide modular decanter centrifuge unit includes supporting stand, feeding screw pump and liquid catch tank. Some other equipment like drying shaker, cuttings dryer, 3 phase disc centrifuge etc be also used with GN 2 phase decanter centrifuge.

GN 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge for Middle East Environmental Company

Recently, GN shipped out one set 3-hase decanter centrifuge including VFD control cabinet to Middle East client coming from environmental company. 3 Phase decanter centrifuge is one of GN main products, different from the 2-phase decanter centrifuge, it is used for separation of mixture of solids and two types of immiscible liquids and solids.

The 3 phase decanter centrifuge shipped is the model GNSX520 with bowl diameter 520mm. It adopts the electrical dual-motor driving system. The main motor is driving the bowl and the back motor is driving the screw via pulley device. This model is equipped with a VFD control cabinet. Inside the control cabinet, there are 3 VFDs for main motor, back motor and the feeding pump. Operator can set up the running parameters in the HMI touch screen to adjust the running condition, like bowl speed, scroll speed to obtain the expected performance. GN 3-phase decanter centrifuge is equipped with lube oil circulating system for the main bearing lubrication. This real time lubrication system ensures the stable running of the machine.

In order to extend the service life of the 3-phase decanter centrifuge, GN adopts tungsten material protection at the screw blades, and installs wear-resistance bushing at the slag discharge port. There are 2 ports at the bottom of the collection box, the slag and the light liquid phase will be discharged respectively from these two ports, while the heavy liquid phase is discharged out by using the centripetal pump. Operator can adjust the lever to obtain a suitable interface of oil and water to get the more clear oil or water.

GN 3-phase decanter centrifuge has a widely application like plant edible oil production, kitchen waste treatment, etc. One of the typical applications is used in GN oil sludge treatment system as a combination equipment to replace the 2-phase decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator. Which will meet the contractor’s requirements of high cost performance.

For more information on 3-phase decanter centrifuge package, please feel free to contact GN Separation

Fully Hydraulic Drive Centrifuge and Solids Vacuum Pump to Africa

GN Solids Control delivered one batch of hydraulic decanter centrifuges and vacuum pumps to Africa, where all GN equipment will be used in an oil sludge treating plant. 
GN Solids Control has been building decanter centrifuges for many years, classified by the decanter centrifuge driven unit, GN Solids Control is able to provide fully hydraulic drive centrifuge and electrical drive centrifuge. As for this African client, GN Solids Control shipped 2 sets of fully hydraulic decanter centrifuges. 

2022.03.02 FHD Centrifuge

GN Solids Control works with Viscotherm and Rotodiff from Switzerland to develop the fully hydraulic drive 14 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW363-FHD. Centrifuge rotating bowl as well as the screw propeller are both using Rotodiff hydraulic motor. 
By using hydraulic drive system, GN Solids Control centrifuge can work in high temperature with flexible rating speed when treat heavy PPG drill mud. GN professional engineers deign this fully hydraulic centrifuge in a compact lifting structure. 

2022.03.02 Solids Vacuum Pump
With wear resistant rotating bowl of duplex stainless steel 2304 or 2205, SS304 screw propeller, GN decanter centrifuge can work in most harsh environment. Furthermore, GN Solids Control centrifuge is using tungsten carbide tiles to cover the edge of screw propeller. And the main two bearings are genuine SKF brand.  
Besides the decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control also provides 2 sets vacuum pumps includes one 40 m3/h and one 20 m3/h. GN vacuum pump is especially designed to move high solids content sludge, in fact as long as the material is moveable, GN vacuum pump can have excellent working performance. 

2022.03.02 Sludge Vacuum Pump
GN Vacuum Pump is driven by air which demands an Air Compressor. All the components on the vacuum pump are either mechanical parts or air parts without any electrical parts, so GN vacuum pump can be used in any hazardous environment. 
GN Solids Control also build other solids and liquid separation and conveying equipment, please connect with GN sales reps for more info.